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Labor Induction Massage


60 min. - $110

90 min- $135

Labor Induction Massage

 Induction Massage is for full-term mothers near or past their due date, hoping to induce labor naturally. Induction Massage is offered once a mother has reached 39 weeks of gestation, or earlier in special circumstances such as prior to a scheduled induction. If you would like an induction massage before 39 weeks, I ask for a doctor’s or midwife’s note.


This therapy includes a combination of Relaxation Massage, Acupressure and Reflexology - - these are the areas avoided during pregnancy massage. Essential oils and visualization are included in the session.

Studies show that stimulating the induction points helps raise oxytocin levels (the hormones needed to give birth) to a peak around 7-8 hours after the massage; generally speaking, if baby is ready, labor would then begin within 24-48 hours. If a mother’s body and baby are not ready, induction massage will help the cervix to ripen, efface and dilate, but labor will not begin until baby’s gestation is truly complete.

Induction Massage can be a wonderful time for a mother to process her feelings about her upcoming birth and ask last-minute childbirth questions.


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