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Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage


30 min - $55

60 min. - $105

90 min- $130

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal Massage is a gentle, nurturing massage for soon to be mothers. We use firm, light to medium pressure. We position our expecting mothers on their side, with supportive pillows, for their comfort. We can provide full body massage or focused attention to any areas of concern.
Massage can provide much needed relief during this exciting time!

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

       Ease Shortness of breath 

       As your baby grows and takes up more room in your abdomen, there is less room for your 

       diaphragm and lungs. This can cause shortness of breath, ribs and back pain.   

       The Massage Therapist will offer you rib cage work and deep breathing techniques to help open

       your chest and relieve some shortness of breath.


      Ease Pain and discomfort

      Muscular conditions common in pregnancy involve the back, shoulders, neck, joints, buttocks, legs 

      and arms – just about the whole body. Pregnancy massage will reduce musculoskeletal pain, cramping,

      tension and stiffness.

      It can alleviate headaches, edema, leg cramps, sciatica and more.

      Massage can treat complex conditions and presentations such as carpal tunnel syndrome, pelvic       

      girdle pain and pelvic instability.

     Reduced swelling.  Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the women's body, due to the large increase of

      maternal blood & extracellular fluids. Massage improves lymphatic and blood circulation which is

      critical when trying to reduce swelling.

      Hormone regulation.


      Reduced anxiety and depression. Women can often experience stress, anxiety and even depression

      during pregnancy.  Massage naturally helps the body to release "happy hormones" (Endorphins &

      Oxytocin) while also decreasing "stress hormones" (Cortisol.) All of which may help to decrease

      stress contributing to these anxiety and depression.


      Better sleep.  The combination of relaxing muscles and releasing "Happy Hormones" Mama's

      are often able to get a deep, restorative sleep.


     A high-risk pregnancy: Certain risk factors make a pregnancy considered high-risk, such bleeding, pre-

      term contractions, and preeclampsia.

     Pre-eclampsia: A serious complication of pregnancy is a condition called preeclampsia. It usually

      develops around 20 weeks and involves a dangerous rise in blood pressure and protein in the urine

      which could cause a stroke or even death.

     Deep vein thrombosis (DVT): If a person has. a DVT, they may have swelling in the leg where there is a

      blood clot (thrombus). If the DVT is treated and resolves, a person might be able to have a prenatal 


     Placenta previa, accrete, or abruption: Conditions that involve the placenta can lead to bleeding.

    Gestational diabetes mellitus: High blood sugar levels during pregnancy are not strictly a

     contraindication to prenatal massage; however, a person will need to get the approval of their doctor

     and be prepared to check their sugars before taking part

Postpartum Massage

Postpartum Massage, also known as Postnatal Massage, is a full body or focused massage for Mama's after they have given birth.  A Postpartum session is just as important and beneficial as Pregnancy Massage. This specialized bodywork is an effective and holistic approach to help ease Mama into the next chapter of their life. 

 While we hope you have a healthy delivery, not all receive that blessing.  For those Mama's who have had an unsuccessful delivery or a spontaneous delivery; We open our heart to you and a here to assist in your healing process.  No matter what your pregnancy outcome is, a women's body begins its recovery process. All of which can benefit from Postpartum Massage

If you have had a cesarean delivery, talk to both your doctor and massage therapist about the best time for you to receive massage.

 Some massage therapists will not work on people who have had surgery in the last 6-8 weeks.

Benefits of Postpartum Massage

      Reduced swelling.  Massaging can help to redistribute water within the body and encourage the

      draining and circulation of excess fluids.

      Improved milk production. For moms seeking an increase in their breast milk supply, massage is a

      great way to increase circulation and the necessary hormones to make this happen.

      Hormone regulation. The postpartum body is one of constantly fluctuating hormones. In addition to

     massage, the session will include foot Reflexology and essential oils that may help elevate one’s

     mood and may encourage hormonal balance.


      Reduced anxiety and depression. Many new parents experience the “baby blues” or postpartum

      depression.  Massage can help to decrease stress contributing to these anxiety and depression.


      Better sleep.  Massage can help clients relax and get their body ready for deep, restorative sleep.

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