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Pressure Points
Shoulder Massage

Therapeutic Massage


30 min - $50

60 min - $95

90 min - $120

A tailored combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue strokes.

At each session, the Therapist will review what your needs are for that day.

If you prefer a Light, Medium OR Deeper pressure, We recommend you see Jules, Lea or Heidi.

If you enjoy Light or Medium pressure, we recommend you see Catherine.

Catherine DOES NOT offer deep Tissue. 

Catherine is our only Therapist who offers Reiki. 


Swedish Massage uses firm, but gentle techniques with light to medium pressure.  This soothing massage goes beyond just relaxation to ease muscle tension, increase circulation, and aid in flexibility.  

Deep Tissue Massage uses firmer techniques with medium to deep pressure. Deep Tissue massage focuses on the deeper muscle layers of the body. Deep Tissue massage can alleviate chronic physical and emotional tension. Please note: Deep tissue massage should not be painful. With the right technique it can be relaxing.

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